Welcome to Danny’s Toolbox-O-Resources! While you’re looking into buying that new or pre-owned VW, these links are great ways to do your research. The most important thing about your new car is that you’re happy with it for the long haul. What makes the difference there is making sure you do your research and get the right car for the right price. These are a few resources that I and my customers have found to be helpful when making the decision to buy or lease a new Volkswagen.

  • – Volkswagen’s homepage, build your own VW, learn about the models and more!
  • – VW’s owner site. Resource for current and prospective owners to learn more about the VW model you own or arer interested in!
  • – Online VW news and forums. Great place to get VW news, and in-depth information on the VW cars, especially aftermarket products and enthusiast information.
  • – Pricing information, vehicle ratings and reviews
  • – More pricing and reviews
  • – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, must-read information for anyone interested in the safety ratings of new vehicles, both VW and every other brand.
  • – NHTSA’s safety rating website
  • – Gov website with fuel economy news, info and tips.  Check out the Volkswagen TDI’s there!

There are many other resources out there, but these are the main ones that I’ve found helpful. Please feel free tocontact me if you’re unable to get your questions answered, or if you find another great resource that you think would be good here.

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