Hybrids coming?

VW Jetta Hybrid

From Das Auto magazine…

“No compromise.” “Best of all worlds.”

Those are mighty big claims—particularly when it comes to cars with the best gas mileage without compromising performance.

But big claims are nothing new for Volkswagen—think about the nimble, fuel-efficient [1] Jetta TDI®Clean Diesel.

And now there’s another Volkswagen that’s just as eco-conscious: the all-new 2013 Jetta Hybrid. More than just another “me too” entry in the field, the Jetta Hybrid is something altogether different. Turbocharged. Seven-speed. Dual-clutch automatic transmission. All of which let you zip from zero to 60 in less than nine seconds—while delivering an impressive 45 mpg [1].

Volkswagen engineers found a way to combine the most advanced fuel-saving technology with sporty performance, plenty of rear legroom, sleek styling and amazing value. “It’s the first no-compromise compact hybrid,” says John Ryan, Volkswagen of America product manager for compact vehicles. “It simply offers the best of all worlds.”

The Jetta Hybrid is lightweight, sleek and quiet. Take the turbocharger. In any hybrid, a traditional gas engine pairs with an electric propulsion system. But with the Jetta Hybrid, drivers get a robust 170 hp as well as a DSG® automatic transmission. Translation? In Sport mode, the Jetta Hybrid delivers an extra boost of power with the push of a button.

Even in electric-only mode, the Jetta Hybrid can reach speeds of 44 mph. “This is a real benefit in stop-start city driving,” Ryan says. “Think of the times you’re stuck in traffic, moving 10 feet at a time. Instead of sitting there with a gas engine idling, the Jetta Hybrid will move using only zero-emission electric power.”

Even with all its advances, the Jetta Hybrid, which goes on sale later this year, is still a Volkswagen through and through. “With the Jetta Hybrid, we are staying true to our Volkswagen DNA, offering exceptional fuel economy coupled with great driving dynamics,” Ryan says. “It is truly the turbo for hybrid fans—or the hybrid for turbo fans.”

Happy (Belated) 2012!

Happy belated New Year!  Its been a BUSY season here at McKenna VW, thus my lack of updates.  For a brief synopsis, 2011 was SoCal VW Guy’s best year ever!  VW is growing and building some amazing vehicles, and that along with great promotions has led to a lot of sales!  Many thanks to all of my amazing customers who allowed me to earn your business over this last year.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had made it back to the national finals of the Sales Qualification Championships for Volkswagen (Best VW salesman in the nation contest) of which I’m the defending champion!  I lost.  They only announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd so I’m going to claim 4th!  It was a great time and a wonderful short working vacation I was able to take with Laura (my wife).

We’ve had lots of changes for the better here at the store, so stop in and say hello!  I’m looking forward to 2012 being even better than last year.  Please stay tuned as I have BIG plans for SoCalVWGuy.com!

2013 CC Revealed

Wolfsburg, Germany –  When the Volkswagen CC debuted four years ago, it was the first affordably priced four-door coupe on sale in the U.S. What looked at first like a niche has developed into a completely new segment: nearly 270,000 people around the world have bought Volkswagen’s sedan that has the looks and heart of a sports car. The CC mixes practicality with style and attainability.

Volkswagen is presenting a technically and visually updated version of the vehicle at the LA Auto Show, held at the LA Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles between November 18 and 27. With new front and rear styling and an extended range of standard equipment that includes Bi-Xenon headlights with the Adaptive Front Lighting System and LED taillights, the new CC makes an even bolder statement in the entry-luxury class. The 2013 Volkswagen CC will go on sale in the Spring in the U.S.

Passat vs Camry vs Sonata, Passat wins!

Motortrend magazing has reviewed the three top contenders in the mid-sized sedan category and since I already spoiled the results by titling this post “…Passat wins!”  I’ll go ahead and say it, the Passat wins!  This is great considering they only tested the base SE model which doesnt even get into the touch-screen bluetooth and media awesomeness!

Normally the last-place finisher wouldn’t be of any note, but in this case the Passat is different. Absent for 2011, Volkswagen’s midsizer is all-new for 2012, bigger and roomier than ever before, and built for the first time in America, in a state-of-the-art plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. VW has invested more than $1 billion in the Volunteer State, and thus has dreams of the Passat one day selling in the 300,000-per-year rate, which would help execute the German behemoth’s plan to become the largest automaker in the world. VW will have to snatch that title from Toyota, which sold 8.42 million vehicles in 2010 to remain Big Daddy for the third year in a row. To stay on top, Toyota will need some help from its Kentucky-built Camry, which, like Passat, has been redesigned for 2012. Not so coincidentally, both of these fresh players come just one short year after Hyundai released the sixth-gen Sonata — built in sweet home Alabama, except for the hybrid — in all its “fluidic sculpture” glory. Let’s just say Hyundai has angered its competitors and delighted its dealers…

To read the entire article, got to Motortrend.com!


2011 Sales Qualification Championships

Some of you know I was the 2010 Volkswagen Sales Qualifications national champion last year (I call it “the most awesome VW salesman in the world contest”) and if you know that, you know I was stressing out a bit hoping I at least made it to the finals for this year.  I really wanted to prove that the first year wasn’t an accident, or a mistake on the judges part!  Well semi-finals were in Dallas last week, and I found out this morning that I made it to the finals!

I know the competition was tougher as more than twice as many of VW’s 4500-ish salespeople entered, but I’m grateful I made it through!  Finals are back in Florida this coming January, so wish me luck!  Thank you very much to my customers for all the encouragement and letting me practice my “Volkswagen-ness” on you!