So yesterday I got to spend the day down in San Diego playing with the new “21st Century Beetle”!  I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures and maybe even some video of the All-New Bug, but I’m one of those people who try to reserve judgement until I see the new model in person, and I was extremely impressed!  VW has done a great job of getting rid of the old “cutesy” New Beetle ethos, and replacing it with something that’s not only better looking and better performing, but also much more true to the original.

Now of course nothing can ever equal, much less surpass the classic Beetle for its, umm… Beetleness, but for a modern re-interpretation, VW has hit it spot-on!  The styling of the “21st Century Beetle” is an homage to the original, outside and in.  From the more classic long hood and more vertical windscreen, to the short-flat dash with the mega-awesome Kaferfach (Kay-fer-FAWK!) glovebox.   Now of course its been 50 years since we had the original Beetle, so there had to be some modern upgrades, and VW hasn’t let us down!  Standard Bluetooth on all models, power everything, and for you purists, VW stuck with the much-loved hand-roller worm gear seat recline!  The contoured rear headliner means I don’t have to tilt my head to the side when I’m in the back seat any more, and the trunk actually has almost as much space as our Jetta (which is good!).   The panoramic moonroof makes everything feel nice and open inside, and while I’d like the seats to be a little more bucket-ish, they still hold you in pretty well going around the corners.

Power comes from my beloved 2.5 liter in-line 5-cylinder engine with 170hp/177 lbft of torque paired with either a 5-speed manual or 6-speed auto, then the 200hp 2.0T engine from our GTI, or the 140hp/236lb/ft Turbo-diesel (which is delayed introduction) either one paired with a 6speed manual transmission or the DSG with paddle-shifters!  Brembo brakes (on the 2.0T) provide plenty of stopping power to keep all those raging ponies under control, while the 17, 18, or 19 (yeah!) inch wheels keep everything looking all kinds of awesome.

Now the important part is, what is it like to drive?  Well, since California DMV has been so nice as to take OVER 2 1/2 MONTHS to send me my renewed drivers license, VW wouldn’t let me drive, but i got to be a professional passenger at the training, and everyone who got to drive loved the car.  Great ride, seriously fun to drive.  Honestly its extremely similar to the GTI in the Turbo model!

In a nutshell, VW’s done an awesome job.  Its like they took a GTI, Porsche, and an old Beetle and smashed them all together and came up with this!  Then to top everything off, they’re offering some pretty darn cool options like retro-styled alloy wheels, and skins you can get professionally installed to personalize your car in dozens of different ways.  The red one in the pictures here is an example of that.   I really like the 21’st Century Beetle (thats VW’s official name for it, so I have to give in to the corporate pressure) and I’m genuinely excited for its arrival in mid October!

Going back into business mode, if you’re interested in the Beetle, or just have more questions, please call, or contact me here!

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